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Philipp und ich (Documentary, 2017)

Philipp is both mentally and physically severely disabled since birth while his twin sister Marie is fully able-bodied. They have always been close but since Marie moved away almost 10 years ago, their relationship entirely relies on her visiting him as often as possible.
'Philipp und ich' is a personal portrait showing the intimate relationship between filmmaker Marie Eissing and her twin brother. It reveals their way of understanding each other even though Philipp cannot speak. The film gives the audience an insight into their family dynamics, both past and present.

Not just on the Floor (Documentary, 2017)

The four-minute documentary “Not just on the Floor” joins Jay Jay Revlon at the ‘Ab Fab Vogue Ball’ and shows an underground scene unknown to most people outside the LGBT community. Through interviews Jay Jay gives an insight into his experiences as a gay black man and his different personas as Jason and Jay Jay, while the visuals give an impression of the atmosphere at the ballroom event.

Two Sides (2016)

The pathway along the Thames in London has two sides. Like Day and Night.

150 Jahre Buchhandlung Eissing (Documentary, 2015)

This twenty-five-minute documentary was made for the 150th anniversary of Eissing's bookshop. Interviews and archival photographs guide through the history of four generations.

YAYA - Unity, Not Uniformity (2011)

 “Unity, Not Uniformity” was a performing arts project by YAYA (Young Artists, Young Aspirations) that was exhibited at Contemporary Arts Centre New Orleans. This documentary goes behind the scenes of the exhibition.

Corner Muse (2011)

Catching the spirit of Corner Muse, a café on Magazin Street in New Orleans.

I want to ride my bicycle (2011)

Interview with BJ Monk

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